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Selecting an Advisor

When evaluating a potential advisor, answers to the following questions will assist you in the evaluation process:

  • Does the advisor have integrity?
  • Is the advisor competent?
  • What type of service does the advisor provide?


Does the advisor have integrity?
It is a good idea to ask the following questions:

  • Does the advisor build a plan based upon realistic assumptions?
  • Does the advisor tell you what you want to hear or what you need to hear?
  • Do you like and trust the advisor and their staff?


Is the advisor competent?
The following questions can help determine the advisor's competencies:

  • What is the reputation of the advisor?
  • Is the advisor well recognized in the community?
  • Do you know of others who have had a favorable experience with the advisor?


What type of service does the advisor provide?

  • Ensure the advisor provides personal service, including meeting face-to-face regularly and as needed.
  • Determine if the advisor is specialized in areas that will meet your specific needs.
  • Verify the investment recommendations are not a “product sale,” but truly taking a comprehensive approach to your complete financial picture.


Duncan Financial is an independent financial services firm committed to providing you with a direct approach to financial planning. As a valued client, you will meet with your advisor, on a regular basis. We are committed to working with you to determine a financial strategy to help meet your needs.