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Duncan Financial

About Us

Duncan Financial is an independent financial services firm committed to providing its clients with a straightforward approach to investment planning. They deliver Independent Investment Advice that is designed to help investors meet their short-term and long-term investment and retirement goals, uncompromised by proprietary interests. As a fiduciary, Duncan Financial is required to provide advice that is in its clients’ best interests. This is the highest standard of investment advice, a standard that the traditional Wall Street firms, your bank, mutual fund companies and insurance companies are not required to uphold.


Charles Duncan graduated from the University of San Diego and began his career working for a large Midwestern investment and insurance firm. After his employer went public, Charlie realized that as a public company his employer’s primary obligation was to serve its shareholders’ needs first, and oftentimes that conflicted with Charlie's values, which dictated that he work in the best interests of his clients. As a result, he resigned and founded an independent firm, Duncan Financial. Operating independently allowed Duncan Financial the freedom to provide its clients with direct advice, free of the biases and conflicts of traditional brokerage firms. Each of their advisors possess uncompromising integrity and strict moral standards that form the core of the corporate culture at Duncan Financial, allowing them to provide the exceptional and trustworthy service Duncan Financial has since become known for.


Duncan Financial has an investment philosophy that reflects a firm belief that minimizing its clients’ exposure to investment losses is vital to designing stable portfolios. After all, any investment decline requires a greater percentage gain just to get back to even. By employing a combination of strategic and tactical approaches, Duncan Financial strives to reduce the volatility that comes with many traditional investments, leading to the creation of portfolios that provide more predictable investment returns.

The advisors at Duncan Financial have helped guide hundreds of clients seamlessly into retirement. But their responsibilities don't end there. Duncan Financial manages investment portfolios with a primary goal of providing its clients with an income designed to not only last for the rest of their lives, but to preserve those portfolios for future generations, charities, or for whomever their clients wish.